It’s Five o’clock Somewhere: The Bloodhound

This will be the first post in honor of my newfound love/obsession, The Supersizers, a brilliant BBC show that explores the dining habits of the well-to-do/aristocracy in various periods in history.  As is often the case, this show has quite a cult following and I am late to the game. But that never bothers me. I discover things when I am ready for them. Anyhoo…this show will undoubtably be the inspiration of many food projects to come.

The second season dedicates an episode to the Lost Generation as it explores the dining and drinking habits of the Bright Young People of 1920’s Jazz Age London. The food from the episode was mostly unremarkable, which reflected the priorities of the time- Cocktails were king. Of most interest to me was a drink I’d never heard of: The Bloodhound.  Apparently, it was quite a popular tipple in London, but little known across The Pond. Considering that this comes from a time when quantity of drink trumped quality of drink, this is actually quite nicely balanced (not too boozy) but also extremely easy to whip up- no cutting board or pesky citrus needed.


I may be pink, but I am not girly.


yield: one drink


2 parts gin = 1.5 ounces = 45 ml

1 part sweet vermouth = .75 ounces = 22.5 ml

1 part dry vermouth = .75 ounces = 22.5 ml

1 tablespoon strawberry jam


1.Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled 1/2 way with ice. Shake, shake shake.

2.Strain into well chilled martini glass or champagne coupe. Alternatively, this would be lovely served in a rocks glass with one large cube.

taste: I am drinking one right now and I’m surprised by how much I like it. It’s really nicely balanced. It’s fruity, without being sweet, and the dry vermouth really rounds it out nicely. This is not a girly drink.


    • In the 20’s they were practically using rotgut, so just about anything would be an upgrade from the original. Tanqueray, Plymouth and Bluecoat are some of my favorites, but anything decent would work well.

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